ProLine Fleet Solutions is a fleet management consulting team dedicated to helping out companies of all sizes. 

We save you the fleet manager time by engineering the solutions you need and we then deliver a completed vehicle ready to go to work.

We are a one-stop solution for adding efficiency and function to your commercial vehicles.

We help small and large fleets:

Deliver engineered solutions to your fleet.

We deliver solutions you donít have the time or personnel to put together. We are the ultimate resource for your companyís fleet needs.  

We concentrate on:

  • Vehicle designs that are the most economical for the job function
  • Write specifications for your fleet
  • Connect your fleet with OEMís, and manufacturers that when properly combined deliver increased productivity, reduce costs and positively impact the bottom line

ProLine Fleet Solutions is an international company specializing in introducing new products into the US market and expanding business for US companies attempting to expand export sales.


Dan O'Connell
Chief Sales and Marketing Officer

"No matter what size your fleet may be, our integrated management solutions are tailored to your needs, thanks to our broad resources and unmatched experience."


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